The following is to be read and understood before signing the booking form. By signing the booking form the customer accepts and understands all terms and conditions below. ​The following Rental Terms and Conditions (‘Conditions’) record the agreement between What is Mine is Yours and you for the hiring of goods by you at your request. These Conditions are important. They constitute a legally binding contract between What is Mine is Yours and you. We recommend that you read these Conditions carefully before signing them or confirming your order. Confirmation by you of your order constitutes acceptance of these Conditions whether signed or not. What is Mine is Yours reserves the right to amend or update such terms, conditions, disclaimers and limitations of liability at any time without providing notice to you.


Head to our Hire page to view our full collection. Once you have noted what you would like, head to our Contact Page and list what you would like to hire. If you are wanting multiple quantities of an item please mention this in the comments section. 


Once an order has been placed What is Mine is Yours will endevour to respond to you within 48 hours. What is Mine is Yours will confirm availability of items and the submission of the order. The order has not been resevered for your desired date until a 35% non-refundable booking fee has been cleared and an order confirmation has been provided to the consumer. The 35% booking fee is non refundable under any circumstances.​


​We are located in McLaren Vale approximately 40km from the Adelaide CBD. Delivery and pickup prices will range depending on your event location. We do not allow DIY pickups from our warehouse. Please include in the comments section your event location. 

The customer must ensure that What is Mine is Yours has free and uninterrupted access to the site to deliver, install, inspect, dismantle, collect and remove the goods at all times between delivery and collection of the goods. The customer must ensure that access to the site is unrestricted. Prices quoted are subject to venue and/or organiser approval and site inspection, and may change based on site restrictions or obstructions (height, access etc).


What is Mine is Yours is responsible for setting up tables and chairs etc hired from What is Mine is Yours unless prior arrangements have been made for set up by the customer. Goods hired to the customer will be delivered to the customer during normal working hours on the delivery date stated in the invoice. What is Mine is Yours cannot give a specific time for delivery and collection of goods due to uncertain traffic conditions, weather conditions, labour requirements and unforeseen circumstances. What is Mine is Yours will use reasonable endeavours to take care when delivering, installing, inspecting, dismantling, collecting and removing the Goods. The customer agrees that What is Mine is Yours is not liable for any damage or loss to the site caused indirectly by What is Mine is Yours.


​We accept payments via online direct bank transfer. These details are provided on your invoice.


​We require a 35% non-refundable booking fee to be paid within 2 weeks of receiving your invoice to secure your items. Invoices last for two weeks. Once the invoice expires the items are considered free to book to someone else. The remaining 65% is payable one month prior to your event. In the case of a shorter time period, the hire amount may be required to be paid in full. Prices quoted are for the hire period as stated on the invoice. Each additional day will be charged at 20% of the invoiced quote to the customer unless otherwise quoted in writing. Once an invoice is finalised (full payment is made) we are unable to make changes to the order. If more items are needed to be added, we will create a separate invoice to add to your hire. The customer agrees to pay What is Mine is Yours any other charges, including charges for loss, damage and repairs and any other amounts payable by the customer, as set out in these Conditions and/or the Invoice.​


Yes, our minimum order amount (not including delivery/pickup) is $50.


Our minimum bond amount is $100. The bond will be refunded upon the return of items in their original condition. Refunds are processed through the same method that payment is made. Please return items in the condition you received them in. If items are returned and require excessive cleaning a cleaning fee will be deducted from your bond.


​Once the invoice has been paid in full, we are unable to give refunds for cancelations within one month of the event date. 


The customer accepts responsibility for all goods hired from the time of delivery until those goods are collected by What is Mine is Yours. The customer must use the goods in a proper, safe and careful manner and only for the purpose for which the goods were designed. The customers responsibility also includes but is not limited to; protecting hired items from weather, ensuring any person using the hired items does so in a proper and suitable manner and that any persons that are intoxicated are not permitted to use hired items, placing hired items out of harm’s way. The customer must observe the instructions and directions of What is Mine is Yours for use and safety of the goods including warning tags attached to, or accompanying, the goods. Upon delivery and installation of the goods, the customer will examine the goods to satisfy itself as to the condition of the goods and their fitness for purpose at the site. The customer agrees to pay a cleaning fee if goods are dirty when collected by What is Mine is Yours.


Yes, we don't expect our customers to use battery operated candles. Unfortunately cheap candles make a mess in our pieces. We ask that our customers use non-drip candles. We have a collection of non drip, smokeless and fragrance free candles available to hire. Please leave a note in the comments sections if you require a quote for candles also.



Step 1. Before Lighting. Trim wicks on candle to 1cm. This reduces the rate at which the candle melts.


Step 2. At the end of the night, blow out all candles.


Step 3. Allow wax to dry before moving the candle.

Approximately 5 - 10 minutes


Step 4. Remove candles from all items.



The Customer agrees to pay a cleaning fee if any goods are excessively dirty when collected by What is Mine is Yours.



The customer hereby releases What is Mine is Yours and its officers employees and agents from all claims, liabilities, actions, demands, costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly from the hire or use of the goods by the customer including, without limitation all property damage, death or injury resulting from the use or misuse of the goods, all property damage, death or injury resulting from contact with hazards, pollution, contamination, overhead or underground cables, pipes and installations for utilities and any other conduits or services at, under, above or around the site, the installation and dismantling of the goods at the site, and the acts and omissions of the customer, What is Mine is Yours and occupiers of the site (whether or not lawful and whether or not with consent of the customer or owner of the site).



The customer hereby indemnifies What is Mine is Yours and its officers employees and agents from and against all claims, liabilities, actions, demands, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by any of them or any third party directly or indirectly as a result of negligence of the customer, breach of these conditions (or any of them) by the customer, breach of law by the customer or the owner of the site or any occupier of the site, the state and condition of the site, including hazards (including environmental pollution and contamination), overhead or underground cables, pipes and installations for utilities (including electricity, water and gas and sewerage), and any other conduits or services at, under, above or around the site, What is Mine is Yours' entry onto the site, the delivery, installation, inspection, dismantling, collection and removal of the goods to, at and from the site, acts and omissions by the customer, What is Mine is Yours or occupiers of the site (whether or not lawful and whether or not with the consent of the customer or owner of the site), loss or destruction of, damage to, and shortages of goods (including loss or damage from theft, vandalism, graffiti or activity of any person with or without the consent or knowledge of the customer) and property damage, death or injury arising directly or indirectly



The customer agrees that What is Mine is Yours shall not be liable to the customer or the customer’s servants or agents or any other person for damages, losses, actions, claims, demands and costs of any description howsoever arising directly or indirectly from representations, warranties, terms and conditions expressed or implied in relation to the use, delivery, installation, inspection, dismantling, collection, removal and operation of goods or otherwise and whether resulting from the negligence of What is Mine is Yours, its servants or agents or otherwise.